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“It is not good enough to wire the world if you short circuit the soul.”

-Tom Brokaw-

LHJ Electrical Engineering commenced its journey in 2016 with the mission to deliver quality and efficient services in Electrical Installation, Electrical Wiring, Light Installation, and as a Commercial Electrician. LHJ believes in providing immediate assistance akin to a superhero to resolve electrical issues promptly.

Whether it's new construction or renovation projects, residential or commercial estates, we prioritize delivering high-quality services with transparent pricing, efficiency, and integrity. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and prove our commitment through our workmanship.

In 2022, we expanded our horizons by establishing LHJ Electrical Services Pte. Ltd. as a private limited company. Over the subsequent years, we encountered various challenges, celebrated successes, and laid a robust foundation for our vision.

In 2024, we reached a pivotal moment as we merged both entities, uniting our strengths and resources to form a stronger team. This merger not only signifies a significant milestone in our journey but also reinforces our dedication to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional experiences to our clients.

LHJ Electrical Engineering 在 2016年 带着使命开始了新奇的旅程,为的就是提供优质和高效的电工服务。我们相信很多人在面对某些电工问题时都是需要紧急援助。所以我们的目标就是像超人一样到达救援。不管是新或旧装修,组屋,私家区,工业区,我们相信顾客寻找的就是准确费用,优质量,高效率和正直诚实的服务。我们的目标就是不用语言证明而用行动证明。

在2022年,我们成立了一家私人有限公司 – LHJ Electrical Services Pte Ltd,开启了成长与创新之旅。在这几年里,我们面对挑战,迎接成功,并为我们的梦想奠定了坚实的基础。


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